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Top Trenders: Nelson Mandela Dies at age 95

Here are your Top Trenders for Friday, December 6!
Number 5
Fast food restaurant workers in one hundred U.S. cities are planning to walk off the job this week as part of a national effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in the industry and secure the right to unionize. Protests began last year and have gained momentum. The median pay for the fast food workers nationwide is just over nine dollars an hour, or about $18,000 a year. That's lower than the Census Bureau's poverty income threshold level for a family of four.

Number 4
Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords were stolen as part of a massive computer hack. Researchers at cyber-security firm Trustwave say the data breach was the result of malware installed on computers worldwide. The virus captured login credentials for some 93,000 websites over the past month. The info was tracked down to at least one server in the Netherlands. Analysts suggest computer users update their anti-virus software and download the latest versions of internet browsers to help secure information.

Number 3
Pope Francis is standing in support of child abuse victims. Thursday, in Rome, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley announced that the pope is creating a commission for the protection of minors in the Catholic church. The committee could come up with codes of professional conduct for clergymen, guidelines for church officials in individual countries on how to deal with misconduct, and checks for would-be priests.

Number 2
Ther's a new development in the crash that killed actor Paul Walker and a friend last weekend. One man is now facing theft charges after allegedly swiping a piece of the wrecked porsche from a tow truck. The truck was removing the wreckage from the street where the accident happened in California. Police say 18-year-old Jameson Witty grabbed a part from the porsche when the tow truck stopped at a traffic light. Authorities have arrested Witty, and recovered the stolen part. A second suspect is expected to turn himself in to police.

Number 1
Nelson Mandela died Thursday at the age of 95. The announcement came just before midnight in South Africa. Mandela spent decades fighting apartheid. He served as his country's first black president. Mandela's last major public appearance was in 2010, when South Africa hosted the soccer world cup. All flags in South Africa have been ordered to be flown at half-mast. President Obama is expected to travel to South Africa for the memorial service.
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