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Top Trenders: Obama Pardons Popcorn

Apparently Popcorn is tastier than Carmel! Here are your Top Trenders for Thanksgiving!
Number 5
It's officially over for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Kutcher's lawyer filed the final divorce documents Tuesday. The two married in 2005 and separated in 2011 and Kutcher filed for divorce in 2012. According to People Magazine, the divorce was reportedly held up because of disputes over money. Kutcher is now reportedly dating actress Mila Kunis.

Number 4
Angry outbursts with photographers have cost Alec Baldwin his talk show job at MSNBC. The network previously put the actor on a two-week suspension after reports that he chased down a photographer outside his New York apartment and called him a gay slur. This is not the first time Baldwin has clashed with the paparazzi. He's been photographed several times over the past two years having outbursts.

Number 3
Starting monday, gamers who use Xbox Live's Upload Studio to share videos with foul language will be forced to go dark on the network for 24 hours. Microsoft says it wants a "clean, safe, and fun environment" for everyone and is using the suspension to clean up language in its online community. Some critics say they feel this standard is inconsistent because some of the games played on the gaming system have foul language, but aren't banned.

Number 2
Thanks to a federal bankruptcy judge, two airlines are closer to becoming one. Judge Sean Lane cleared the way for American Airlines and U.S. Airways to merge by dismissing a final objection from a group of airline passengers trying to block the deal. The justice department's earlier objections to the deal had been a major obstacle to the merger, which should take place December 9.

Number 1
On the eve of Thanksgiving, President Obama saved a turkey from the dinner table. Popcorn the turkey is the 66th turkey pardoned in this White House tradition. It was one of two birds in the running for the designation of "The National Thanksgiving Turkey." Apparently, the other turkey, named Caramel, didn't get enough votes. Both birds were hatched and raised near Badger, Minnesota. They will be on display at George Washington's estate in Virginia until January 6.
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