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Top Trenders: President Obama Awards Clinton, Oprah with Medal of Freedom

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Number 5
Just in time for the holiday travel season, Southwest Airlines is the latest company to get F.A.A. approval to ease electronics rules for passengers. Passengers may use certain electronic devices in "airplane mode" during taxiing, takeoff and landing. Each airline has to prove to the F.A.A that devices are safe to use on the plane. Jetblue, U.S. Airways, Delta, American and United Airlines have already made the change.

Number 4
Singer Chris Brown's troubles just keep getting worse. A judge has ordered him to spend the next 90 days in a court-approved treatment facility. He will be allowed to leave to perform three days of community service each week. Brown was arrested on a sidewalk near the White House just last month after allegedly punching a man. According to his probation report, he was kicked out of rehab shortly after that incident, for "acting violently."

Number 3
The father of actress Brittany Murphy wants the investigation of his daughter's 2009 death re-opened. Angelo Bertolotti told Good Morning America that his daughter was poisoned and that he has the lab reports to prove it. The report shows heavy metals were discovered in Murphy's hair samples. He's been suspicious of the L.A. coroner's determination that she died from a combination of pneumonia, iron deficiency, and medications.

Number 2
President Obama awarded 16 people with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Wednesday. "We celebrate imagination and education and occasional rebellion, and we refuse to set limits on what we can do or who we can be," he said. It's the highest civilian honor a person can receive. Former President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey were among the honorees. It was also the 50th anniversary of the award which was started by President John F. Kennedy.

Number 1
The Coast Guard is searching for potential survivors after a jet crashed off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Authorities have recovered two bodies and are searching for the two other passengers who were on board. The jet was headed back to Mexico after dropping off a patient in Fort Lauderdale, when the pilot sent out a distress call, saying there was an engine failure. He tried to fly back to the airport, but crashed about four miles away.
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