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Two Rogers House Fires, One Life Saving Difference

ROGERS, AR. -- Two Rogers families woke up to fire on Wednesday morning. However, the two incidents were completely different because of one simple device.
There was a significant difference in the way we were notified
ROGERS, AR. -- Two different families in Rogers woke up early Wednesday morning to fires.

The first house was engulfed in flames a little after 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

"When it's the middle of the night like that, most people are asleep," said Rogers Fire Department Deputy Chief Bryan Hinds. "One of the occupants of the house attempted to put the fire out apparently. He suffered some pretty significant burn injuries."

Firefighters did not find smoke detectors inside.

That is something that Deputy Chief Hinds said delayed responders.

"Delays in notification allow the fire to build. Fires double in size every minute, so the longer it takes us to be notified and get in route, the bigger the fire is going to be," said Hinds.

Just a few hours later, another home caught fire. This time, a simple device made a drastic difference. 

"The occupants were alerted by a smoke detector, they realized there was a fire going on, they immediately called 911 and exited the house," said Hinds. "There was a significant difference in the way we were notified."

That alarm sped up the process from the start, leaving the family of five unharmed and a home, still standing.

"They found it sooner, they called us more rapidly which allows us to get there quicker which usually results in less damage," said Hinds.

The smoke detector, a life saving device Bryan says every home must have.

Rogers Fire Departments have free smoke detectors for families. Also, they will come to your home and install the detector if necessary. If you need batteries for your alarm, the department has those at no cost, too.

UPDATE: The Rogers Fire Department determined that the fire on Levi Lane in Rogers on Wednesday was caused by leftover coals. The family living in the house used their fireplace Tuesday night. All five family members made it out safely.

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