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(UPDATE) Deputies: Athletic Director in School SUV When Arrested

(UPDATE) FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Deputies in Benton county say Barry Gebhart was in a school vehicle while on the way to meet who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. Meanwhile, a 2008 Fayetteville police report reveals an arrest at Gebhart's home in connection with a domestic violence incident.
(UPDATE) FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- New details are emerging from the arrest of a trusted school leader in Fayetteville. Barry Gebhart is out of jail on bond following his arrest Tuesday night during an undercover sting. Gebhart is charged with internet stalking of a child after the Benton County Sheriff's Office says he offered to teach a fictional 14-year-old how to have sex. We're told Gebhart is still on paid administrative leave.

Deputies tell us a detective with the Benton County Cyber Crimes Unit chatted with Gebhart on a daily basis for about two weeks while posing as an underage girl using the social media app "Whisper." During the chats, deputies say Gebhart made sexual comments, repeatedly asking what the fictional child was wearing and sent nude pictures. Investigators say they arrested Gebhart Tuesday night at Pinnacle Hills Promenade mall after he arranged a meeting with who he thought was the 14-year-old girl.

Benton County Deputy Keshia Guyll tells us Gebhart was driving an SUV owned by Fayetteville Public Schools at the time of his arrest. Guyll also says Gebhart was using several different usernames on the "Whisper" app that have since been deleted.

Meanwhile, a Fayetteville police report from 2008 reveals that Gebhart's wife was arrested in connection with a domestic battery incident against her husband.

According to the report, Gebhart told police he was taking an online class to get a Master's degree when his wife, who he reported was a teacher at Ramey Junior High School, asked what he was looking at on the computer. When he refused to show her, Gebhart told police his wife tried to get at the computer, knocking it down in the process. When he tried to calm her down, Gebhart says his wife kicked him in the groin and broke a chair over his forearm. During the scuffle, Gebhart told officers his wife took the hard drive from the computer and put it in the couple's car, before calling police.

Officers say Gebhart's wife told dispatchers she wanted her husband removed from the home. Gebhart told police the couple's 2 1/2 year old daughter was downstairs during the fight. According to the police report, an officer on scene said Gebhart's wife first said she was concerned Gebhart was looking at Internet porn. When asked later about it, officers say she was concerned that Gebhart might have been cheating on her and ''didn't know'' what he was viewing because she never got to see it.

Gebhart's wife was later arrested for Domestic Battery, Domestic Assault, and Endangering the Welfare of a minor. His wife's name has been sealed from the police report. 

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