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UPDATE: Mom Arrested After Strangers Save Family from Attacker

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Five months pregnant Sabrina Hamilton said a man she didn't know came into her apartment and held her and her children hostage.
Sabrina Hamilton, 23
Sabrina Hamilton, 23
NEW INFO:  Sabrina Hamilton was arrested Thursday on outstanding warrants.  The misdemeanor charges included failure to pay fines and failure to appear in court.  She bonded out a short time later.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- A trio of strangers helped save a pregnant woman and her two children in a hostage situation, police say.

Fayetteville officers responded to a disturbance at 401 West 24th Street Tuesday night.

According to reports, Sabrina Hamilton said a man she didn't know came into her apartment with a friend the refused to leave. She told police the man, later identified as Christopher Corbitt, shoved two large kitchen knives into her door then deadbolted it.

The five months pregnant mom said Corbitt, 44, was making sexual advances towards her and stroking himself and she was afraid he would rape her. That's when, she told officers, she took her two children and ran to a bedroom, screaming for help.

Police report John Trollinger heard her screams and, along with two other people nearby, kicked open Hamilton's door. Corbitt forced his way out of the apartment and ran away.  When police caught up with him a short time later, the 216 pound, 6'2" man had a knife and refused officers commands. Police used a taser to subdue him.  He was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center to treat minor injuries then taken to the Washington County Jail on charges including false imprisonment, residential burglary, endangering the welfare of a minor, fleeing and refusal to submit to arrest.  

Corbitt, who also faces a parole violation, is being held without bond.

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