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UPDATE: Woman Accused of Child Neglect Resigns from School District

BELLA VISTA, AR-- A school bus driver facing felony child neglect charges has resigned from her job.

A Bentonville schools spokesperson confirmed Janefer Ogborn no longer works for the district.

A Bella Vista couple faces multiple felony charges after police say they severely neglected and abused three children living in their home.

On August 9th, police responded to the home of James and Janefer Ogborn after one of the children called police to report being abused by Janefer during an argument.

According to court documents, the responding officer noted the children were very thin and extremely pale-skinned.

The officers described the children to a Department of Human Services(DHS) worker as very thin and extremely pale. One officer remarked they looked like "they came from a Holocaust Concentration Camp, their hair was thin, the eyes sunken in. The children complained of being hungry and thirsty....You could see veins in their necks and their bones were sticking out."

According to the reports, the children told police they were locked in a room and forced to stand in a corner for hours and sleep on the floor.

When they entered the room where the three children were kept, police noted the smell of human waste and garbage. "The walls were painted...very dark. There was a dim single lamp on the ceiling, no chairs or toys," the court document states. "The window was covered...not allowing any light in the room."

There were other children who also lived in the house but officers noted it did not appear they had been abused or neglected. "The other kids' rooms were bright colored, well lit and toys all around the room. There were also no cameras like that of the (room where the three reported children slept)," it said in the report. "Two of the other rooms also had access to the pantry that was dead bolted." The other kids in the house were clearly well fed and had color and looked happy and alive."

Janefer and James denied they had done anything wrong when questioned by police but eventually agreed the children looked unhealthy.

Both face multiple charges of endangering the welfare of a minor, domestic battery and permitting abuse.

They've been released on bond under the conditions that they avoid contact with all the children involved, who were all removed from the home.
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