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Using Social Media to Recover Priceless Pictures

JOPLIN, MO-- An organization in Joplin is using past experience with disaster to help tornado victims in Illinois reconnect with destroyed photos.
JOPLIN, MO -- The National Disaster Photo Rescue is lending a hand to tornado victims in Illinois. They created a Facebook page to serve as a gathering spot for people who want instructions on how to clean, organize, and return photos found after the storm. The group says this is a scenario that sadly, is repeated over and over. In addition to helping with lost photos in Joplin and now in Illinois, the group also helped in the wake of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

"When you touch people at the level and you're able to return something to them that they first of all thought was completely gone. Second of it all it may be the only possession they have left, you have changed their life," said Thad Beeler, director of the Photo Rescue.

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