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Voter ID Law Rules Approved, ACLU Promises Challenge

Voter ID Law Rules Approved, ACLU Promises Challenge
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The American Civil Liberties Union renewed its stated intention Wednesday to challenge a new law in Arkansas requiring voters to present a photo ID when appearing at the polls.

Staff attorney for ACLU of Arkansas, Holly Dickson, told reporters a challenge in state court is coming but declined to provide a specific timeline. The new law takes effect January 1.

"We firmly believe that this voter ID law is not consistent with the Arkansas constitution," Dickson says. "The Arkansas constitution has greater protections for voters than almost any other state in the nation and we take that seriously."

The statements came on the same day the Rules and Regulations Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council reviewed rules for the new voter ID law.

Alex Reed, spokesperson for Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin, says the office has spent $120,000 on 98 voter ID card machines for any voter who may need one before the new law takes effect.

"Obviously our target area will be the Craighead County because they have the first election after the first of the year that will be under the guidelines," Reed says.

A special election for Senate District 21 is set for January 14.

The election was called after the resignation of former state senator Paul Bookout in August.

Voters can learn more about the requirements of the new law here.
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