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Walton Arts Center Renovations; What's Next?

((UPDATE)) FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Fayetteville voters are saying 'yes, yes, yes' to a Walton Arts Center expansion. So what lies ahead for the renovations?
((UPDATE)) FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Fayetteville voters saying 'yes, yes, yes' to a Walton Arts Center expansion. According to the unofficial final results from Tuesday's special election, voters overwhelmingly supported funds from the Hotel Motel and Restaurant Tax to be reallocated in support of two new projects. 85%of voters supported issuing $6.9 million in bonds to help fund the renovations on Dickson Street. The vote also means the current Town Center bonds will be paid off early. Another measure passed funding a new park in the southwest corner of Fayetteville. So what's next? The goal is to complete the W.A.C. renovations on Dickson Street by 2016. Construction will start during the off-peak summer months. The W.A.C. renovations will include technical upgrades and a new expanded lobby. For a look at some of the renderings, click here. 

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