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WANTED: Police are Looking for Woman Suspected of Shooting Husband

SPRINGDALE, AR -- Police say the woman accused of shooting her husband in the face was recently released from a hospital. Now she's on the run.
SPRINGDALE,AR-- A wife and mother, accused of shooting her husband the day after Thanksgiving, gets treated at a hospital.

Now she's on the run.

"Any time we're looking for someone with a serious offense like this we're definitely going to treat them as if they're armed and dangerous," says Lt. Derek Hudson of the Sprigndale Police Dept.

"So, detectives are out right now trying to track her down."

Police say Robin Phillips -- a Walmart employee -- shot James Phillips in the face, then cut herself in the neck.

Both spent time in separate hospitals, and James was released before Robin.

"They're (hospitals) not required, sometimes we'll ask the hospital to notify us," Hudson says.

We were still trying to figure out exactly what happened. Now they've been working with family members and other people to locate her and bring her in to face charges."

She's facing domestic battery, a felony, but not the attempted murder charge that police initially believed could be issued.

"It doesn't carry the same sting as the sound of attempted murder, but it is a very serious offense," Hudson says.

The Washington County prosecutor's office says it had to go with what it could prove at the time her arrest warrant was issued, and depending on intent, the charges could change.

As far as a motive, police aren't sure.

But the 911 call provides some insight.

"You can hear it it's a very dramatic phone call and you can hear some yelling and stuff going on in the background," Hudson says.

KNWA/Fox 24 chose not to air the recording, as the couple's 16-year-old son was the one who made the call.

On the line he mentions an argument that began about a car wreck that Robin was in.

"Rare is it that a call goes to this extreme that we have a shooting involved, but to also have a young boy that's right in the middle of it with mother and father, that's a horrible situation for him to go through," Hudson says.

"I hope to see a conclusion very soon."

Police have not been able to find Robin and are asking anyone with information to call 479-750-4484.

Robin Darbonne-Phillips is described as a white female, 5'4 130lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, DOB: 1/13/75.

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