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Was Distracting Conversation in the Cockpit to Blame For Wrong Airport Landing?

The National Transportation Safety Board is reviewing cockpit audio recordings of the plane that landed at the wrong Missouri airport Sunday.
New details are out about the Southwest Airlines plane that landed at the wrong Missouri airport Sunday. The F.A.A. says air traffic controllers are not at fault, but distracting conversations in the cockpit may be to blame. When the plane came in for landing at the wrong airport with a dangerously short runway, the two veteran pilots had company in the cockpit. An airline dispatcher was in the jumpseat behind them. The N.T.S.B. is reviewing the cockpit recordings.

"There's a myriad of reasons that are going to be looked at, so at that N.T.S.B. hearing, when they come up with that probable cause, they'll say, ok, how do we mitigate this so that this doesn't happen again?" said Mark Weiss with The Spectrum Group. The dispatcher who was riding along in the cockpit is now on paid leave along with the pilots. Officials say the plane stopped just 500 feet short of the end of the runway.

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