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Watertown Police Chief Recounts Boston Marathon Bombing

Watertown Police Chief Recounts Boston Marathon Bombing

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Clinton School of Public Service welcomed a special guest to talk about the Boston Marathon bombing.

The police chief of Watertown, Mass., came to Little Rock to talk about the lessons learned April 19 and the manhunt for the accused suspects.

Chief Ed Deveau stressed the importance of team work and community effort.

He said his community came together that night, providing flashlights, phone chargers, food and a place to rest.

The chief said his team faced a scary eight minutes when they were faced with bullets and bombs.

"You could see I still get emotional about it," he said. "I'm just so proud of my department, but I still get worked up about what happened to our city and it's hard to reflect on everything that happened."

The chief's message is to stay strong and that no law enforcement can do it alone. He said they need support from their community day in and day out.
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