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Workers Punch Time Clock On Christmas Day

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. --- Not everyone spent the holiday relaxing. Some put in the hours at work.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- Most people spent time with friends and family on Christmas day. Others, however, worked their normal shift.

We caught up with Clint Stallion who worked on Wednesday at Papa Johns. He said he isn't missing sitting around the table eating dinner. Rather, he enjoys making the meals.

"I actually don't mind working the holidays. Working on Christmas is something you've got to be willing to do it and I'm willing to do it," said Stallion. "It's fun. I have fun on the job."

Stallion volunteered to work Wednesday's shift.

Stallion delivered pizza to people like Megan Penfield and her family who flew in on Christmas eve from South Carolina to spend Christmas with family.

"We got all the way to the airport, missed our flight by about ten minutes and the next flight was at 8:35 that evening which gave us six to seven hours with a four month old and a two year old. Thankfully, we made it back to the flight, arrived safely last night to get to the airport where our rental car we had reserved for three days was no longer there because we missed our first flight. It was crazy, it was just like national lampoons vacation," said Penfield. "We made the whole trip with the kids because we absolutely love our aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, they came down with a horrible virus and they're running fevers."

Since Penfield and her husband have a four month old and a two year old, and don't want them sick, their family is now staying in a hotel.

Penfield said it's not all bad. Thanks to those delivering on Christmas day.

"We get to have pizza for dinner! My husband is so grateful, it probably made his whole Christmas. He absolutely loves Papa Johns Pizza," she said.

Papa Johns made 63 deliveries last Christmas and this year they're hoping to break that record.

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