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WPS Hog Fans Speak Out About New Season

Here's what fans had to say about the season opening game.
"I thought it was awesome, I was really excited, great way to open the season and I loved it."

"I think this seasons going to be a good transition, I think we're going to win a lot of games and I'm really excited."

"Great start for the Razorbacks and Bret Bielema, didn't show everything he had, that's good, ready for the big boys now."

"I think he's a great coach and he's going to lead us to all types of victories it's going to be great."

"I think it was really important just to get the season kicked off on a good note and the atmosphere was great, it was just awesome."

"It was a big improvement, there were a lot of holes still but I mean  better than it was last year, there's actually a defense."

"I'm not a football person but  I just want to be proud to be a Razorback."
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