Pink Courage: Breast Health Navigator

Pink Courage: Breast Health Navigator

ROGERS, AR-- Every year, thousands turn out for the Komen Ozark Race For The Cure.
ROGERS, AR-- Every year, thousands turn out for the Komen Ozark Race For The Cure. In this Pink Courage Report  Neile Jones introduces us to a vital program that gets funding thanks to Komen and events like the race.

A big pink check sits on display in this Bentonville office representing $35,000 given to Mercy by The Ozark Affiliate Of The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation.

 Money that comes from fundraisers like Race For The Cure. 

This check is just one example of 'grant money' from Komen. These funds in particular will benefit Emily Kelly and her work as a breast health navigator.

Emily says, "We are here to help the patient navigate through their breast cancer journey. Whether that be as short as "okay we have it from here. I have a great spouse that's going to help" or "I'm lonely, I'm here by myself and I need you to be with me through the petscan, appointments or whatever appointments or if I just want to come have a cup of coffee in your office."

Hearing you have breast cancer can be overwhelming. And sometimes you just need a friend to help you 'navigate' all the information, so you can make the best choices for you.

Emily adds, "We go to clinical visits, the initial diagnosis. Any visit that they want us to be there and kind of be the mediator between the doctor and what is said."

The breast health navigator takes notes, provides educational materials, and even follows up after whatever procedure a patient eventually must undergo.

And thanks in no small part to Komen,  the program is free.

Just another example of how Komen is helping in the fight against breast cancer.
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