Pink Courage: Have You Heard of BREVAGen?

Pink Courage: Have You Heard of BREVAGen?

ROGERS, AR-- In the fight against breast cancer, it seems everyday there is a new tool or advancement.
ROGERS, AR --In the fight against breast cancer, it seems everyday there is a new tool or advancement.

In this  Pink Courage report , Neile Jones  introduces us to a Rogers woman who says a simple saliva test helped save her life.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Laurie Corbitt had recently learned of a new test in the fight against breast cancer when one of her patients came to her needing help.

Corbitt says the woman wanted to be proactive,  knowing her  mother survived breast cancer twice and her sister  was also a survivor, "She wanted an MRI  and I said well your insurance is probably not going to cover that . I can order it but then it was like a light bulb came on and I said oh wait a minute we had a rep come in recently that told us about this new test called Brevagen. "

For Cynthia Pierre  this test was a no brain-er, " It was a simple saliva test.  And I said sign me up. I am all for something that doesn't involve needles and blood."

"You answer questions and it tells you your 5 year risk of getting breast cancer.  And then a lifetime risk of breast cancer. The swab we do with the Brevagen actually gives them the extra information about the DNA.  Whether you carry those other DNA markers for breast cancer." Corbitt Explains.

Two different swaps are taken - then mailed off,  with results back in a few weeks.

When Pierre's came back showing her to be high risk, she was referred to a specialist. After an MRI and a biopsy, Pierre learned she had stage one breast cancer and would eventually have a bilateral mastectomy.  A happy Pierre  explains, "No chemo. No radiation. Due to the fact that we fond this so early.  Had I had my normal yearly mammogram we would not have found it.  I  would have needed to wait to find a lump before we were able to do anything different such as the 3d MRI  that I had which found the cancer."

That was one year ago, and Pierre says today she has that saliva test to thank for her road to recovery, "I feel healthy.  Cancer free.  There is something out there in life that is waiting for me to do. I'm not done living yet"
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