Changes to GED Set for January

Changes to GED Set for January

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Massive changes coming to those who have to take the GED.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Many changes are coming to the GED.

The format of the test is changing in January.

It will be computerized instead of pencil and paper.

The questions will be more in depth instead of just multiple choice.

Test administrators said that shouldn't deter the 18 percent of Arkansans who don't have a diploma.

"Very few jobs now in today's society can a person have less than a high school education. Having a GED or high school diploma will prepare a person for better job or enrollment in college," said Janice Hanlon, the state's GED administrator.

The last day to take the test on the current format is December 13. Test takers will be required to pay for the GED next year.

Right now, it's free.
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