Fox Family Edge: Easter Spending

Fox Family Edge: Easter Spending

Retailers hope the warmer weather and an upcoming holiday put a spring in your family's step this Easter.
(CNN) -- Kids aren't the only ones expecting a big haul from the Easter bunny. Retailers could get a multi-billion-dollar boost as winter finally gives way to spring.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend $15.9 billion on the holiday, averaging $136.46 per household, down from $145.13 in 2013, a dip of about five percent.

The bulk of Easter spending will be on a holiday meal. Families will spend about $5 billion on dining out that Sunday, or buying groceries for a meal at home.

After a long winter in many parts of the country, $2.6 billion dollars will spent on new Easter Sunday and spring attire.

$2.4 billion will be spent on Easter gifts.

$2.2 billion on chocolate bunnies, eggs, and other Easter treats.

Another $2.2 billion spent between Easter flowers and Easter decorations.

After winter weather put a chill on retailers, stores are hoping warmer weather gets shoppers back out and about despite most indicators pointing to still-cautious spending among Americans.

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