Pope County Constable Accused of Damaging Walmart Property

Pope County Constable Accused of Damaging Walmart Property

RUSSELLVILLE, AR - A local man is facing trial on criminal mischief charges after being accused of damaging a cart corral on the parking lot of a Walmart store.
RUSSELLEVILLE, AR -- Police say Pope County Constable Kenneth Loveless was first a passenger then a driver in a truck that caused more than $1,350 damage to a shopping cart corral at a Russellville Walmart.

"Everybody ought to be treated the same, doesn't matter prince or a pauper, the law applies to everyone," said Pope County deputy Charles Bowden.

A warrant affidavit says the driver ran over a shopping cart corral, dragging it across the parking lot. That's when police say Loveless took the wheel.

Finally able to dislodge the corral from the truck, police say Loveless attempted to put it back in place and then left.

"That's no good," Bowden said. "He should have got with the people from the shore and did whatever it took to make this right."

Police were easily able to finger Lovelace because Walmart security cameras captured the whole thing on video.

Not all are convinced the felony Criminal Mischief charge Lovelace faces is warranted.

"They're just blowing this thing way out of proportion," said Patrick Burton, another Pope County resident.

But police say the corral was completely destroyed.

Loveless was released from jail Monday on $5,000 bond.

A call to Loveless' lawyer wasn't returned Tuesday. If he is convicted of a felony, Lovelace may not be able to remain in office.

According to an 1999 attorney general's opinion there are several constitutional provisions and at least one statute disqualifying felons from holding public office in Arkansas.
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