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Senator Pryor Pushes for E-Cig Regulations

NBC NEWS/LITTLE ROCK, AR--'Liquid Nicotine' warnings are prompting Arkansas lawmakers to call for change.
NBC NEWS/LITTLE ROCK, AR-- It may come in various flavors but doctors are warning it can also be highly poisonous. Liquid nicotine is the key ingredient in e-cigarettes. And the number of kids getting their hands on it to refill their e-cigarettes and ending up in the hospital is growing. At higher concentrations, the product can be deadly even to the touch. And the danger is prompting concerns and a call for action from U.S. Senator Mark Pryor. In a statement released on Monday, Pryor says in part: "Appropriate safeguards must be instituted and the public should be alerted to the dangers associated with these products. I urge the FDA to work quickly to ensure consumers and the public are protected from risks associated with liquid tobacco."

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