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The Pulse: Maryland Mall Shooter Identified

This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- The price of stamps rose to 49-cents. Previously, stamps for first-class mail were 46-cents each, and the three-cent hike is the largest increase in consumer postage prices in more than a decade. To avoid paying more for your stamps in the future, start buying Forever stamps. They are always valid even if prices go up later.

Number four -- An explosion rocked a small community in Manitoba Canada on Saturday. A pipeline carrying natural gas ruptured sent a flames hundreds of feet into the air. Gas for thousands homes in the area is now cut of, affecting as many as 5,000 customers in the middle of a frigid winter with 20-below zero temperatures. An investigation into the explosion is underway.

Number three -- A Russian man living in Pennsylvania is accused of possessing a weapon of mass destruction. 19-year-old Vladislav Miftakhov, a Penn State student, was arrested Friday and now faces several charges. Police say officers went to the man's home to investigate a reported marijuana-growing operation and instead found a homemade bomb and bomb-making materials in a suitcase. He is currently in jail with a $500,000 bond.

Number two -- A vacation has turned into a nightmare for many people on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. 300 people on the "Explorer of the Seas" have gotten sick since the ship set sail from New Jersey Tuesday. Health officials are expected to board the ship to conduct an investigation and evaluate the response to illnesses. A spokeswoman for Royal Caribbean says the ship skipped a planned stop Saturday in Haiti an headed straight to Puerto Rico for an extensive cleaning.

Number one -- Authorities in Columbia, Maryland are releasing more information about the suspect in a deadly weekend mall shooting. Police say 19-year-old Darion Marcus Aguilar killed two people then shot and killed himself Saturday. Authorities say the shooter did leave behind a journal in which he expressed a general unhappiness with his life. They still do not know exactly what set him off, but do not believe there was a relationship between the shooter and the victims. The two victims are identified as 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson. Both worked in a store at the Columbia Mall that catered to skaters.
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