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The Pulse: Serious Safety Concerns Surround Winter Olympics

This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- Florida rescuers managed to herd a pod of pilot whales heading for a stranding back into deeper waters. Two whales were stuck in shallow water and then more than 20 members of the pod followed them into Gordon Pass. The whales were corralled out of the pass and into open water and the high tide helped push the animals back into the Gulf of Mexico. Researchers are not sure if these whales are members of the same group that was stranded in the Everglades in December. They say the whales appear very thin, a sign that they are in distress, so rescuers are monitoring the situation.

Number four -- Dennis Rodman has checked himself into rehab. Rodman's agent said the former NBA star's drinking "escalated" during his controversial trip to North Korea. Rodman is seeking treatment for alcohol addiction and will be in rehab there for a month. Just weeks ago, Rodman blamed alcohol for an outburst on CNN regarding the imprisonment of Kenneth Bae.

Number three -- The controversy surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues. The mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey said the governor's office threatened to keep Super Storm Sandy relief money from her town if she did no support a redevelopment project by the Rockefeller Group, which is a real estate firm with close ties to the Christie administration. Christie's camp pushed back hard against the claim saying in part, "It's very clear partisan politics are at play here."

Number two -- Israel has become the first country to outlaw "Revenge Porn," banning sexually explicit images posted online without the subject's consent. The Israeli lawmaker who pushed through the measure says it sends a clear message to couples that they cannot post intimate pornographic images of former partners as revenge. Also, lawmakers hope other countries will follow their lead and help put a stop to "Revenge Porn."

Number one -- Several members of congress say they are concerned about security surrounding next month's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Senator Angus King, who is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN he would not go to the games himself and he does not think he would send his family either. The concerns stem from a pair of December bombings in the City of Volgograd that killed more than 30 people. On Sunday, a video of two young men claiming responsibility for the attacks emerged on a well-known online Jihadi forum. The men promise a "present" for visitors to the winter games. Russia has beefed up security surrounding the event and President Vladimir Putin has pledged that visitors will be kept safe.
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