4th Quarter Blues: Razorbacks Unravel Once Again

4th Quarter Blues: Razorbacks Unravel Once Again

The Razorbacks lost a 27-21 lead over LSU in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. A lot of that had to do with the Hogs inability to pick up a first down when it mattered.

"Obviously a very difficult ending to a good football game." says Head Coach Bret Bielema.

Lets pick things up at the start of the 4th quarter, the Razorbacks leading 27-21. Up until this point, the Hogs have 16 first downs so far in the game.

1st possession: 3rd and 2- Johnathan Williams with a gain of only 1.

2nd possession: 3rd and 3- Brandon Allen's pass to Keon Hatcher but just a two yard gain.

"Do you think that one more first down there late and you couldn't put the game away? 'Yea. I think we came within a few inches each time. And that's tough I think. Get a first down on both of those and there might not have been enough clock for them. But it's a what-if. That's all you can say right now." says Brandon Allen.

"You can point it at different things, this when this way or that went that way. You know that's just how it worked out. Obviously we can look at the film and think, if we would've done this this way or that that way. Its heartbreaking to see those few plays." continues Travis Swanson.

The inability to grab a first down now gives LSU opportunity, and they take advantage. 99 yards worth of advantage, straight into the endzone making it 31-27.

Down 4 with 1:09 to go on the 21st yard line, Allen completing a pass to Hunter Henry for a gain of 11. Their only first down in the 4th quarter.

This was the very next play. Brandon Allen rolls left, pressure coming from his back, he's sacks, the ball knocked loose, and recovered by LSU. Game Over.

"Yea I should've thrown it away, I just tried to scramble and make a play. It wasn't really a deep pass, It's kind like a concept we have- a flat corner and then a curl corner on the other side. I just got flushed out of the picket, trying to look for something to go." adds Allen.

"I think we fought hard, We had tremendous effort and just didn't come up with it in the end.

It's hard pinning a game on three individual plays, but the Razorbacks believe...

"Just a couple plays here and there, and that game would've been a different matter," adds Allen.

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