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'78, 90 & '94 Hogs, "A Merger"

The Final Four reunion at Saturday's Arkansas-LSU basketball game brought together Razorback greats from different generations.
FAYETTEVILLE--The original Razorback basketball triplets never played a game in Bud Walton Arena. Neither did the trio that followed them but Sidney Moncrief, Marvin Delph, Ron Brewer, Todd Day, Lee Mayberry and Oliver Miller helped make the construction of the current home of Razorback basketball possible. So did college basketball Hall of Fame coaches Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson.

At Saturday's LSU game players and coaches from both legendary programs came together in a celebration that moved Richardson to say, "We could not have asked for anything more." 

Former Arkansas guard U.S. Reed, who hit one of the most memorable shots in school history, beating Louisville with a mid court bomb in a 1981 NCAA first round game, said of the reunion, " It's a great honor to be a representative of that team. Such a great team, the triplets and playing under Eddie Sutton. It's great to come back and be included with  Nolan's group. It's like a merger and a rebirth of tradition here at Arkansas."

As much as they enjoyed the halftime show several of the ex Razorbacks admitted that the chance to see old friends and teammates was the highlight of the weekend.

"I see Todd (Day) all the time," Mayberry revealed. "He comes to Tulsa. I go to Memphis and we hang out a lot. But I haven't see Big O (Miller) in--I don't know how many years it's been since we were all three together. Hopefully we can come back over here and do some of this some more."

Former president Bill Clinton was also on hand for the celebration. Clinton watched the game in a skybox sitting between Sutton and Richardson. "Everybody knows he's Hog basketball fan but this was the first time we (Sutton and Richardson) had watched a game with him," Richardson told the Razorback Nation. "He was really into it asking us a lot of basketball questions."

"He (Clinton) was in the law school as a teacher and then we got to talking and he was part of really getting this thing going," Sutton recalled of his early relationship with Clinton. "Of course he's always been a great basketball fan since then."

Clinton was honored with a framed number 42 Razorback jersey reflecting his two terms as the 42nd President of the United States. It was also announced that Moncrief's 32 jersey, which is the only number currently retired by the school, will hang from the rafters of Bud Walton Arena and will be joined this fall by former Hog great Corliss Williamson's 34 jersey. 

Williamson said it was a huge honor to have his number finally retired but he said the current team is more of a focus for him. Razorback basketball coach Mike Anderson was an assistant coach for Williamson and his teammates.

"I know coach Anderson is going to do a great job," Williamson stressed. "He's done a great job so far. Tonight's game was just another example of how well these kids can play if they continue to work hard good things will happen."

After Arkansas had secured an 81-70 win over LSU, Anderson said of the former players, "You should have heard those guys when we came out after halftime. They were cheering us on. They were talking like a coach. Those guys, just talking to our players was the difference in the game."

"It was a meeting of the past, of the present and what we will see in the future," Anderson added.

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