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Hogs Seek To Reduce Fouls

Mike Anderson wants his team to play better defense without fouling.
Fayetteville--On the eve of their home game against Auburn the basketball Razorbacks say they are slowly but surely eliminating the problems that have been getting them beat in the SEC.

"Against Georgia our adjustment was rebounding and we did that for the most part against Tennessee," said senior guard Kikko Haydar. "Our next adjustment will have to be free throw shooting."

More free throw shooting for the Razorbacks, Haydar explained, has to be coupled with fewer trips to the charity line for Arkansas' conference opponents.
"The one that sticks out is the fouls," head coach Mike Anderson said of his team's next point of emphasis. "I think we've got to be smarter in terms of the type of fouls we get."

Excessive fouls have been a killer down the stretch in SEC games so far, fouls which stop momentum and change the flow of Arkansas offense.

"We may come down and shoot a quick shot and all of the sudden we're going back on the other end," Anderson explained. "We foul and put 'em on the line and that's how Tennessee crept back in the game."

The consequences of the Hogs' excessive fouling is one reason why they are a paltry five for 25 shooting in the last four minutes of their last four games.

"It gets to where we're just waiting on someone to make a play and we've got to just forget about the clock, forget about the score and just finish the game," senior guard Fred Gulley advised.

Arkansas is at home Saturday afternoon against Auburn, another hard luck team that has lost more than its share of close games lately.  Anderson can relate to the Tigers' close-but-no-cigar predicament, but as Anderson puts it, "Close doesn't cut it."
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