Hogs Defense Swamped In Gainesville

Hogs Defense Swamped In Gainesville

At times, it was almost as if the Hogs defense were chasing their own tails.

  At times, it was almost as if the Hogs defense were chasing their own tails.
  Unlike their game against Texas A&M, Arkansas kept Florida's running game somewhat in check, still giving up 115 yards.
  But it was the big plays threw the air, that suffered their fate.

   Five games through this season.. Arkansas' defense has had decent success in not giving up big plays for touchdowns and forcing turnovers.
  But Saturday night, that all changed, when Florida receiver, Solomon Patton.. torched the Hogs for not one, but two game changing, big plays.

  "We all know that you just can't give them free yards.  Even with that play before the half.  Ok, they completed a curl, but just get them down.   They weren't having a lot of success sustaining.. we were just giving them big plays."
  "We felt like we could come out in the 2nd half and make things happen.  They got another one on us.  #83...he made two big plays that really changed the game."
  "The big thing we pride on defense is takeaways.   We gave them two turnovers, but we didn't get any takeaways from them."
   Mobile quarterbacks have also been an achilles heel for the Razorback defensive line.
  Florida's, Tyler Murphy was able to escape the grasp of Arkansas ends, Chris Smith and Trey Flowers..completing 72% of his passes.. and throwing two scores.

  "We felt like we could get after them.  We threw a lot of things at them..but he made plays with his feet like he's capable of doing."
  "That's one thing we've gotta get better at practice this week is wrapping up.  I'll even put that on me, because a couple of times, I could have had him.  It was like he had grease on him."

  Mistakes are common in any football game.
  But halfway through the season...Arkansas' errors are becoming a re-occurring theme... especially in critical moments of a contest.

   "I feel like the biggest difference is not beating ourselves.   I feel like that's the main, biggest difference.  Arkansas can't beat Arkansas.  And that's what I feel we've gott change for next week."
  "The kids are in it.  They're fighting.  They're competiting.  Someday we're going to get over that mountain... but until that point, we just have to play a little bit cleaner."

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