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Hogs New D-Line Coach Anxious to Work With Flowers

Rory Segrest doesn't know the names of a lot of the players he will be working with this spring but he does know Trey Flowers.
FAYETTEVILLE--The Razorbacks' new defensive line coach admits he hasn't been on the job long enough to put a lot of names with faces when it comes to the players he will be working with at Arkansas.

"Unfortunately I'm only familiar with jersey numbers at this point," Rory Segrest told reporters, "but I do know who (senior DE Trey) Flowers is. I've tried to watch as much film as I could the last day and a half here but obviously that's a big thing getting him back. You could tell he's got some ability. There is a lot of young guys coming back and so there is a lot of talent up front, guys who need to be developed and I'm definitely looking forward to that challenge of working with them."

The Razorbacks are getting Flowers back thanks to his head coach who approached the three-year letterman after the season like he was a five-star high school recruit.  "I knew that he was going to be a guy that would probably want his his junior season to be evaluated," Bret Bielema told the Razorback Nation. "(I) laid out the guidelines that the NFL gives you about when we can talk to them, what they can do with agents, how we can get their pre-draft grade, the timing of that. It's really just laid out according to schedule."

Once Flowers knew where he stood with NFL scouts (a projected 3rd round pick) Bielema kicked in part II of of his plan to successfully re-recruit his top returning defensive lineman.

"He came down to my home and he just talked to my mom and talked to my dad," Flowers recalled. "When he was finished I just felt like that under coach Bielema I could improve that (NFL) stock grade. When I told him I was staying he was all smiles, patting me on the back. I was glad to make him happy and to be a part of helping us go in the right direction."

"It wasn't my first rodeo," Bielema said of his successful efforts with Flowers. "I know that in dealing with kids in these type of situations, knowledge is power."

What's even more remarkable about Flowers' decision is that he decided to return knowing he would be playing for his third position coach in four seasons. Segrest replaces Charlie Partridge, maybe the top recruiter on Bielema's staff, who was recently hired as the head coach at Central Florida.

"It crossed my mind," Flowers admitted when asked if Partridge's departure gave him another reason to declare early for the NFL draft. "But in high school I had four different coaches in four years so adapting to a different style of coaching, it's just something else to learn, something new. I feel like that's an advantage for me because when I go to the league next year I'm going to have to adapt to a different coaching staff there."

As for Segrest, he comes to Arkansas by way of Samford, one of the Hogs' non conference opponents in 2013. He he also spent five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles as a defensive line and special teams coach. His immediate challenge is to jump in quickly and help Arkansas' staff finish off the 2014 recruiting class. His recruiting territory has not been finalized but he has an idea of where he will be used.
"At Samford I had south Alabama and the panhandle of Florida," Segrest revealed. "I grew up in Georgia. I've recruited the whole state of Georgia, practically every part of the state of Alabama. I've recruited in the Tennessee areas of Kentucky so I have several areas I'm familiar with."

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