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Scott Making the Most of New Role As Starter

Razorback guard Rickey Scott has become a more aggressive, more well rounded player in his senior year.

The Basketball Razorbacks start SEC play this season looking a lot more like a traditional Mike Anderson team. If you're on roster, you're probably going to play and be counted on. There have been some surprises but none bigger than journeyman guard Rickey Scott who suddenly finds himself in the starting lineup.
"It's my last year. My senior year so I want to go all out," Scott told reporters. "I don't want to be like, I could have did this or could have did that. So I'm going to keep fighting."

Anderson is not surprised. He's always felt like Scott could be a mismatch at guard for Arkansas' opponents.
"He's a hard guard to guard because he can go off the dribble," Anderson explained. "He's so strong, He's athletic. Defensively he's going a good job so he's doing his part to help our basketball team win."

Perhaps the best part of Scott's game is a greatly improved assist-to-turnover ratio. How was he able to cut down on the miscues?

"I remember coach telling me, don't be afraid to mess up, get some turnovers," Scott recalled. "He said I'm trying to play too perfect. So basically I'm just letting loose basically."

"He's fighting more, he's going out there, he's competing at a high level," Anderson added. "He's diving on the floor for loose balls."

Scott is just one more weapon on a team that will use as many weapons as it can produce to combat the pressures waiting on the SEC road this season.  

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