SPRINGDALE, AR--Tonight, fireworks displays are all across Northwest Arkansas.

"The Great American Blast" debuts Friday at Arvest Ballpark.

Matt Tate is the lead shooter for Firestorm Pyrotechnics. We were along with his crew as they set up Friday's fireworks show at Arvest Ballpark. Tate said a lot of work went into Friday's show.

"You know sitting at my computer scripting these shows and  then seeing the shows come to life in the sky."

He is a true pyro-professional. In the past four years, he's programmed about fifty shows for the ballpark.

"I like being close enough to feel the heat and the concussion when a firework goes off," said Tate.

Over two months of work went into making the show as unique as possible for Northwest Arkansas.

"It's just great for the city to give people a place to go to where they can come for fairly cheap, have a good time, watch some good baseball, and see a great fireworks show."

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