KNWA & Your Family: Cell Phones & Kids

In this week's KNWA & Your Family, more and more parents are putting wireless phones into the hands of their elementary-aged children. But what's too young for a cell phone? Parents have mixed reactions. People in the wireless industry say they are seeing more elementary aged students leave their store with a new phone in their hand.

"There's not an age group that we're seeing per se," says Saul Rodriguez, with Crickett Wireless, "but we're seeing in some of my stores parents with kids 7, 8 years-olds coming in and looking for handsets."

Some parents think elementary-aged is too early:
"I think anything before teenage years are probably a little too early," says one parent.
"I think they can have a cell phone when they can have a job and afford their own. That 's my opinion," says another parent.

Wireless experts say parents should set ground rules for their children before they get a phone and use detailed mobile phone pacts or contracts that are set up and signed by parents and their kids.

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