Saving Fireworks For Next Year

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS--After all of the fireworks on the fourth, you may have a few left over.

So the question is now, what do you do with them so you can use them next year or do you just throw them out?

Local fire stations say, the  best disposal method may be taking them to a fire station near you.

Captain Pearson of the Springdale FD said "we prefer the ones that aren't used to not be placed into their trash receptacles and taken out. We prefer them to either be brought by here or stored till next year."

Before throwing them in the trash, submerge used fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them out.

If you do choose to store them until next year, keep them in a well-ventilated place like a garage, or in a metal container such as a safe.

Treat your fireworks like an aerosol can. Make sure they're stored in a well-cooled area. Pearson said "if they reach temperatures above 110-degrees, they could set themselves off."

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