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Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal is to help you
reach your goals

At Beale, Lee and Associates we offer a wide range of products and services to assist you in crafting a sound financial strategy. We offer sophisticated hedged equity strategies, stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance planning and other investment products. We have a broad range of options, so we can be sure to choose the ones that are right for you, tailored specifically to your needs.


About Us

Mach 1 Financial Group with Beale, Lee and Associates, Inc. offers financial planning, wealth management, retirement strategies, and financial products to the Northwest Arkansas area and also to select clients in Fort Smith, Tulsa, Joplin, and the surrounding areas.

As a comprehensive financial services company, we are prepared to offer you the individual attention and expertise you look for in financial advisors, as well as a broad range of financial strategies.

How we can help You!

  •     Achieve a comfortable retirement
  •     Manage your portfolio with stocks, retirement pension plans, hedged equity strategies, bonds, IRAs, Annuities and other investments?proactively
  •     Roll-over your 401k
  •     Help protect income and assets from the unexpected
  •     Reduce and potentially avoid income taxes and estate taxes
  •     Manage Social Security income effectively
  •     Help avoid probate expenses
  •     Strive to protect your family
  •     Provide stability, income and growth potential
  •     Make the most of income streams
  •     Help provide income for a lifetime
  •     Fund and facilitate Charitable Remainder Trusts
  •     Help reduce or avoid fees and expenses on investment accounts.