Adolf Hitler Quoted in Harding Academy Yearbook

KNWA - A quote from Adolf Hitler made it into the Harding Academy Yearbook, in what the school is calling "oversight."

The school said two seniors thought it would be funny to submit quotes from the Leader of the Nazi Party in World War II.
When they realized it was a bad idea, the school said they went to the Yearbook Supervisor to ensure the quotes were removed. One was, and one was not.
The quote under one student's name reads: "God is not moved or impressed with our worship, until our hearts are moved and impressed by Him. "
"The quote by itself is a great quote," VP of Marketing and Communications for the Academy Jana Rucker said. "Unfortunately, who it's attributed to, who said it, is Adolf Hitler... so not something we want to have in the yearbook."
Rucker said as soon as the school realized what had happened, they spoke with the yearbook manufacturer and have since put stickers on the quote to cover it up on as many as they could.
Some students we spoke with said they don't care. Others said the school has yet to address the student body on what happened and why it's wrong.
Other students said it's fine, and while it's wrong, it's not a big deal since the quote itself is moving.


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