Arkansas Fans React to Tough Second Round Loss

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- - It was a hard loss, and a bitter pill for the players to swallow. But the guys on the court aren't the only ones feeling the pain tonight, the fans are as well. 
It was a close game the Razorbacks fought till the end for, but ultimately came up short. However fans are still proud of Arkansas' season especially one little boy. 
Aiden Marchky has been a Razorback fan all 9 years of his life. "I love the Razorbacks a whole lot," Marchky said. "I'm so proud of how far they got, and all the effort they put into their games." 
Marchky is hopeful the Hogs will go all the way next year.  "I hope they will win the whole thing next season," he explained. 
However, other fans at Buffalo Wild Wings were a little more disappointed. 
Jeriad Gumm. who grew up a Razorback fan said, "The game's been like the season. You know there are moments of hope, then times of despair. Kind of up and down rollercoaster throughout the game and kind of the way the whole season when for us." 
 "I'm pretty heartbroken. I take the losses pretty heavily, but it was a good overall year. I'm honestly surprised we did so well. I'm proud to be an Arkansas fan. It hurts right now, but I'll be okay," said Chad Mccone. 
 "We made it to second round of the big dance, so with that overall a good season. But it was a tough night tonight," Gumm said.  "I just felt deflated. The season was over. Emotions hitting you the season is over, but I'm looking forward to next year."
But Marchky wants all Hog fans to remain optimistic even after the tough loss. "Beause they always have that great spirit, and they're always loving their fans. They're always putting in their best effort in basketball and they just always the best." 


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