Arkansas' History Celebrated during Archaeology Month

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- - Arkansas' history dates back thousands of years, and during the month of March the natural state celebrates its prehistoric and historic past. 
Saturday, the Arkansas Archeological Survey held an event for adults and kids of all ages to get a hands-on feel for our state's history. 
Both kids and adults got to put on their archeological hats, and learn about the natural state's history. 
George Sabo the director of Arkansas Archeological Survey said, "They can look at pre-historic technologies. They can look at some of the instruments we use to study pre-historic technologies. And then they can try out some of the pre-historic artifacts themselves." 
Sabo said this month highlights the state's history, and gives kids the chance to learn things they can't in school. "Most people don't realize that Arkansas' history extends back about 13.000 years. 96% of our history took place before written records began to appear. Archeology provides the only source of information for the long history of Arkansas," said Sabo. 
The event is on its fourth year, and it's Logan Mustine's second time to go. "I like seeing how the older civilizations grew. It's pretty cool how you can see all this stuff, and you can hold what older people have used," Mustine explained. 
If you weren't able to attend Saturday's event, another one is taking place Thursday March, 30th. The UA museum collections is holding an open house, and tour for the public. 


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