Breakfast Buzz: Free Meals on Delta Flights

KNWA - Free meals are coming back to Delta Flights. That story tops this morning's Breakfast Buzz.

Starting March 1, the airline will offer complimentary meals to passengers on transcontinental flights between New York's JFK,  Los Angeles, and San Francisco.    Delta will also add free meals to other longer domestic routes too. The meal offerings vary by time of day.

Sprint's unlimited plan will include high definition video, streaming and 10gb of mobile hotspot data. It also includes a free iPhone 7 for the next 18 months with the trade in of certain older phones. AT&T is also bringing back its unlimited data plan.

A seven year old girl wrote a letter to Google asking for a job when she gets older and she got a reply from the CEO. His reply came four days after she sent her letter. The CEO told Chloe to "keep working hard and following your dreams." Chloe's letter went viral after her father posted it on the networking site Linkedin. It reached more than ten million views.

The thimble will no longer be a part of Monopoly games. After votes from four million fans, Hasbro has decided to ditch the thimble in new board games. The piece has been around since 1935 but other pieces might go too. Hasbro isn't revealing what will replace the thimble, until March 19. This isn't the first time people have voted out a Monopoly game piece. In 2013, the company held a Save Your Token contest. In that case, the iron piece was replaced by a cat.

NASA believes there's a new ninth planet out there and they want you to help find it! The Zooniverse Space Projects site has launched a NASA-funded venture, which lets anyone participate in the search for the not-yet-discovered planet. NASA has complied a "flipbook" of short animations that show sky scans taken over several years. Participants can search for disruptions in the images and mark their findings. The goal is to pinpoint real moving celestial objects. Users can then share and discuss their subjects in an online bulletin board.


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