Breakfast Buzz: Survey Shows Teen Support of Limited Tobacco Sales

A new survey shows that  2/3 of teens support laws that would limit tobacco sales to people under 21. That story tops this morning's Breakfast Buzz. 

Not surprisingly, non-smokers had a higher approval rate for the tobacco 21 initiative than current smokers. Younger adolescents and girls were also more likely to support these laws.

A man in Colorado using the sun's energy to express himself through art.  He paints on wood by using glass to cause burn marks.  He started with a magnifying glass and upgraded to mirrors.  He'll teach anyone willing to learn but says it's most beneficial to children.  The artist sketches out his designs by hand and then "paints" over them with the sun. He does everything from portraits to signage for businesses.

Amazon has a new tool to help you order items in your home with the wave of a wand. The Dash Wand lets you say what you want or scan items that are automatically placed in your cart. Items include those listed on Amazon and Amazon Fresh, the company's local grocery business. The wand costs $20, but you can get $20 in store credit when you register the device. It also offers features such as converting measurements, calorie counts and recipes.

Paul Newman passed away in 2008 but his voice still appears in this week's number one movie "Cars 3". The late actor voiced "Doc Hudson" in the original "Cars" movie. During production of the original movie, director John Lasseter recorded Newman as he ad libbed lines of dialogue in his "Doc Hudson" voice. In all, 28 hours of material was recorded. Not all of it was usable so the editors had to search for lines that were new and told the story well.

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