BREAKING: Springdale Police Arrest Two More Suspects in Gang-Related Shooting

- SPRINGDALE, AR -- (UPDATE: 4/13 7:50 P.M.) Police say they now have the final two suspects in custody, in connection with a gang-related shooting that left one man dead Saturday.

According to a press release, Springdale Police received information that led them to Rodolfo Martinez and Giovanni Vasquez-Sanchez. They arrested the two men in Hartman, Arkansas which is just outside of Clarksville. Rodolfo will be charged with Capital Murder and Giovanni will be charged with Accomplice to Capital Murder. Both will also face Felony Engaging in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.

SPRINGDALE, AR-- Police are searching for two of four suspects in Saturday's deadly gang-related shooting.

So far police have located two suspects in the case, one of which is a 13-year-old boy.

Springdale Police have arrested 18 year-old Jose Delatorre in connection with a drive-by shooting Saturday morning.

He is facing charges of being an accomplice in the case.

Sunday, Police Chief Kathy O'Kelly released a statement confirming the shooting in the 600 block of Savage St. was gang related.

You can read her entire statement here:

"Over the course of the last several weeks the city of Springdale has experienced three events related to youth violence and gang related activity. The Police Department is fully aware that these events have increased a sense of fear within our community and great concern by parents regarding the safety of their children. While some may choose to criticize local law enforcement and city government for not taking enough action to reduce the gang problem I will assure you that we are fully committed to addressing these issues and have committed resources to dealing with these problems. Officers and investigations are working tirelessly and we too share the concerns of the community."

"Our immediate efforts are directed at bringing those responsible for the Savage Street incident to justice but as a community we must look at the long term solutions and that involves addressing the underlying problems that lead to gang development and crime. We must avoid creating an image of gangs in our community that demonizes minority members and other marginalized youth and find ways through prevention, intervention, and suppression that redirects those susceptible to becoming involved in the gang culture.
This effort will take a multi-disciplinary approach that includes Law Enforcement, probation, schools, youth organizations and the faith based community. We have taken steps to start the collaboration; we must have programs with clear goals and objectives based on a factual analysis of the broader social problems and the behaviors that can be identified early and addressed before they become harmful to the community as a whole."

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse also released a statement regarding this incident and other recent gang related shootings.

"Please allow me to take this opportunity to address the residents of the City of Springdale regarding the senseless shooting yesterday morning, April 11th, which resulted in the tragic loss of a life. While I want to inform as best I can, understand that as of this statement, our police are conducting an active investigation, which the people of Springdale can have full confidence will result in the arrest of any and all participants in yesterday's actions. I also want to insure our citizens that concerning the events of the last month and moving forward; the City of Springdale will spare no expense, or take any legal method or tactic off the table, as we work to purge this area or any other neighborhood, of a concentration of the criminal element that fosters such gang activity as took place yesterday."

"I will be the first to admit that there are many, many things that I do not know. However, there are a few things that I do know, without a doubt. First, I know the people of Springdale. I know that our residents, including our minority population, will not sit back and allow our great city to be defined by the actions of a few. I also know that our Police Department, Fire Department, and all of our first responders, will continue to perform admirably, with the full support of the City Administration, our City Council, our School District, and all other community stakeholders. I know we will continue to work toward insuring that our residents feel safe, no matter where they reside in our city. Most importantly, I know that we serve a God who has promised wisdom, discernment, and guidance to all who truly seek it. It is with that assurance that I know that the City of Springdale will weather this storm, and ultimately be stronger as a result."

"Finally, thank you, the people of Springdale; for your unwavering support for those out there risking their lives for our safety. That means more to them and their families than the rest of us can ever know or understand."

"Mayor Doug Sprouse"

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