Cave Springs Council Does Not Pass Trail Resolution

CAVE SPRINGS, AR. --- - A tense meeting on Tuesday night, as a room filled with people for and against a trail system in Cave Springs.

Mayor Travis Lee was hopeful for what he said would be an improvement in the area.

"This will help us build up the downtown area," said Lee.

There's opposition to the trail. Terry Rakes has lived in Cave Springs her whole life. She thinks there isn't enough money to fund the project.

"I wish for the city to be on good financial ground and I don't think we will be able to do that with this bike trail," said Rakes. "I think the mayor is not letting the council know information, transparency is not there."

Rakes tells us she is concerned about how the city will maintain the trail. Mayor Travis Lee said those costs are not a worry right now.

"Since it's such a small amount of money, I don't see think we even need to look at it," said Lee. "I just didn't realize this would be this big of a rub on some people. I thought trails would be a great thing for every body."


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