Dogs Take Cross-Country Trip to New Homes

A dozen abandoned pups began their cross country journey to their new homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota Monday.
A partnership between the PetSmart Rescue Waggin' program and the Washington County Animal Shelter made the trip possible.
The shelter sees an influx of stray dogs during the spring, so this is a life saving opportunity.
"These puppies that we've got here now. They came in as strays. Either through animal control or the public finding them and bringing them in to us." says Mike Emery of the Washington County Animal Shelter. These adoptions not only benefit their new owners, but they also help the euthanasia rates in Northwest Arkansas.
"We're under two percent right now and we want to keep it there if not lower. We're excited to be in this program, it's helped us a lot already. And I just can't wait to see what will happen in the future as we get more adult dogs as well." Mike said.
The dogs were assessed before they began the journey. The animal shelter staff loaded the dogs one-by-one onto a van which headed north. All twelve dogs should be in Wisconsin or Minnesota by Wednesday and with their owners by Friday.
The shelter says they transport dogs to their new homes every two weeks. So far, they've helped 72 animals find forever homes.
To read more about the Rescue Waggin' program, just click here.

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