Extra Long Weekend For Gentry School District In Hopes Of Stopping Spread Of Flu

GENTRY, AR.--- - The extended weekend is something students and teachers may rejoice over. For the Gentry School District, it was a necessary health precaution, with a combined 183 students and staff out from school today, according to Superintendent Dr. Randy Barrett. 

"We're going to try and do something to break that cycle so that when Tuesday comes maybe we'll all be back and back doing what we do -- teaching and the students learning," said Barrett. "When you start looking at it, we're educator's. We're not physicians. If you have 20%  of the kids out at your high school that's 90-95 kids not being taught."

The Gentry Public School District custodial crew worked hard Thursday night and made sure every surface was sanitized.

"We've kind of intensified our cleaning efforts.They may take extra time making sure every student desk is wiped. Bathrooms, extra attention to make everything spotless that they can," said Barrett. 

The school district's janitorial staff adjusted its disinfectant spray and added a stronger sanitizer to ensure they killed every germ. Dr. Barrett hopes the elbow grease will put students back in school and send the flu packing. 

"My goal Tuesday is for 1440 students to show  up and we have a full staff of teaching instructors back to the business of what we do," said Barrett.  


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