Fayetteville Fire Dept. Puts First-Ever Training Facility to use

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- - The Fayetteville Fire Department said it now has one of the top training facilities in the world. 
Battalion Chief Mauro Campos said the department has always lacked a training facility. But thanks to a $600,000 grant from FEMA, they are now capable of protecting the city of Fayetteville even better than before. 
 "We always had to be creative in how we get our training, and now we can train our facilities at the right intensity. Give the firefighters all the training that they need to perform well on the fire ground," said Campos.
Jimmy Hester, co-owner of First Due Fire Training, believes there couldn't be a more perfect place for Fayetteville firefighters to train. The new structure has a similar height to most buildings in the city, 5-6 stories. 
 "These guys can set fires in these structures, and because it's very similar to the building types that they already have here..it's like that they've already showed up," explained Hester.
It's all about preparing to better protect the lives of citizens, and keeping firefighters themselves safe. "This is, I would say, more important for the fire fighters safety than for the citizens safety," said Hester.
Campos said he's looking forward to seeing the department keep climbing the ladder when it comes to best practices. 


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