Jane Daniel's Daughter: 'I Just Need To Witness It'

ROGERS, AR. --- - There are pictures Susan Khani has around her home that her mother, Jane Daniel, painted.  

"She was a photographer so you always saw her with her camera and she had a dark room," said Khani. 

Those memories are all Khani has left after Don Davis murdered her mom over 25 years ago.

"She was real giving and caring and fun to be around. She had a good personality and joke around," said Khani.

Monday was the closest she's been to the death chamber. Khani said she's not surprised Davis wasn't executed. It was a 50-50 chance one of his appeal attempts would be granted, but the back and forth is weighing on her. She's determined to see Davis die, so she won't have to worry about going through the process over again. 

"Carry it through because I've been going through this now 25 years and the closure thing, each time it comes up all those emotions come, so I've had sort of closure because I know my moms never going to come back," said Khani. 

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to stay Davis' execution was not disappointing to Khani, but it's not new territory.

"I think the best way to describe it is I'm kind of numb to it, that's the only way I can deal with it . I knew it was going to be 50/50 and so I was prepared for either way it would turn out," said Khani.

Khani hopes to put this behind her, so she can reminisce on the memories of her mother without Davis' shadow in the back of her mind.

"I just need to witness it so I know okay it's definitely over and when I live my life if it ever comes back in my head I know oh that's right he's dead  I'm not going get that phone call again," said Khani.


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