Food Truck Court Plans in Place for Downtown Rogers

Rogers, AR -- - The Rogers-Lowell area is trying to cater more to food truck owners by establishing a plan to have a food truck court in Downtown Rogers. 

Food trucks in the Rogers-Lowell area don't have a specific place for them to operate but the city is hoping to change that since a food truck court would not only benefit business owners, but the community as a whole.

Owner of Pop's Hog Wild Food Truck, Don Well, says he is excited about the food truck court coming to town.

"I think it's wonderful. I've been wishing it would come true for a long time. Rogers needs something like this."

The plan to have a food truck court in Rogers was approved several weeks ago by the community development department. It will be located on 7th and Walnut Street where the abandoned gas station is.

Rogers Public Relations Specialist, Ben Cline, says the owner of the property decided the food truck court would be a good fit for Rogers.  

"The person that purchased this property went about it because she was seeing that there wasn't a place like that in Rogers. So they brought it before us, wanted to purchase the property and let us know what they wanted to use it for."

Vice President of the Downtown Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Karen Wagaman, says having a food truck court fits with their master plan for the downtown area.

"Obviously it's going to help the city grow, it draws more people to the downtown area when you have more eating establishments, entertainment establishments, great retail spaces, so it helps with our downtown being more vibrant."

As of right now the city says there is no time table as to when the food truck court will be completed but that they are taking steps in the right direction.


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