100-Year-Old Man Puts Off Retirement, Shares Brew of Longevity

WEBB CITY, Mo. -- Most of us dream about retiring some day, but one Webb City, Mo., man is putting it off as long as he can, and at 100 years old, Walter Gibson still puts in a full day's work.

Gibson and his 73-year-old son Charles work at G&S Iron Works in Webb City. They work with metal and build fences.

Walter says just because you're 100 doesn't mean you can't still work.

"I work 5 days a week and then, sometimes, I'd work all night," Walter said.

Walter did retire, but didn't want to just sit around the house.

"When I retired, I went to odd jobs," Walter said, adding that he thinks retiring can be deadly.

Walter's secret to living a long life is working and drinking a lot of coffee. And his daughter pours much of it all day long.

"I'd be willing to bet about a pot, pot and a half," Rita Frazier, his daughter, said.

"He's just always drank a lot of coffee," Charles said. "He's always worked hard and hardly ever been in the hospital or seen a doctor."

Walter admits he's no so quick on his feet anymore.

"If they seen me walk, they'd think I'm 110," Walter said. But he said he is still steady.

And he's passing those great genetics onto several generations.

He has 9 grandkids, 11 great-grandkids and 1 great-great-grandchild.

Walter will celebrate his centennial with family and friends this weekend.

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