90-Year-Old Man on a Mission to Clean Little Rock Streets

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Block after block for 16 years, Nash Abrams has been on a mission.

"Going down the middle you can make it a lot quicker," says Abrams.

If you are driving around near Little Rock's McArthur Park, you might have noticed one of the streets Abram's has adopted. There are three and a half miles of them, 62 blocks. Abrams is the largest individual street adopter in the city. Only two large groups handle more. And get this, in September he will be 91-years-old.

"If I'm not too busy I'll pick up cigarette butts, they last five years... I just think a nice clean community cleans up your brain and your head and makes the people feel better," says Abrams.

Abrams was instrumental in bringing the 'Adopt a Road' program to Little Rock and seven years ago helped start 'Keep Little Rock Beautiful' which organizes clean up events across the city.

"If you're retired or if you have nothing to do get involved with the city to help clean it up," says Abrams.

Even skin cancer could only sideline Abrams for a few months. He blames that on too much sun he gets walking his blocks. But after treatment, he is back on the streets, proving there is no age limit on good deeds.

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