ACH's "Angel One" Helps Local Boy

ROGERS -- Friday, hundreds will gather in Rogers for a fundraiser supporting Arkansas Children's Hospital. For a Fayetteville couple, it will be an especially meaningful night, knowing the Little Rock facility helped their family when it seemed no one else could.

"Dyer was born you know very healthy, very active , all boy. never had any health issues and then one night, he woke up in the night and was complaining about some pain in his in his head his head was hurting," said Dyer's dad, Mark Bailey.

The next morning things seem to worsen.

"We were trying to entice him with things that would get him to get up and get around and when he wouldn't  do that, that's just kind of when my intuition set in that something was probably more wrong than he just didn't feel good," said Dyer's mom, Jenesa Bailey. "During the night his the vertebra in his neck had slid out of place and his, his head was stuck to the side and we were shocked."

It was not long before the Bailey's were in the emergency room, with doctors telling them some frightening news. Doctors in Northwest Arkansas told the Bailey's to get to Children's Hospital immediately. "Angel One" flew Mark and 3-year old Dyer to Little Rock, while Jenessa drove to meet them. Once at Children's, a team of experts examined Dyer, and surgery seemed immanent, but then one doctor had an idea.

"He said you know what he's stable lets just give him give him some muscle relaxers right now  and let him sleep let him relax and maybe um the the muscles and the ligaments around those vertebra will loosen up enough to allow them to slide back into place with out going into surgery," said Mark.

It worked. Dyer was able to sit up, but he still couldn't walk . The doctors decided to send him back home with his folks, in a neck brace and armed with a physical therapy plan.

"I would say mid-morning that next day, he just yanked his hands out of mine and ran down the hallway like nothing had ever happened," replied Mark.

The Bailey's credit "Angel One" and Children's Hospital for a son who is healthy and happy. Dyer still went through physical therapy and his parents say is doing great.

The Color of Hope Gala is happening Friday night in Rogers to raise money in support of Arkansas Children's Hospital and "Angel One".

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