Adrian Colcisca: Former Olympic Fencer

BENTONVILLE, AR-- Adrian Colcisca is a fencing coach at the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center in Bentonville, but he has more to offer to his student athletes than basic fencing skills.

"If it was so easy, everybody would be an Olympian," Colcisca said.

Reaching the Olympic level is an athlete's highest honor, but getting there isn't easy. Adrian Colcisca knows the feeling first hand, as he competed on the Romanian Olympic fencing team in 1992.

"We are just a different breed. It really takes a lot to get there and for that you have to make a lot of sacrifices," Colcisca said.

But going for the gold isn't just about the athletes, Colcisca is also a two-time fencing Olympic coach and he says the pressure of standing on the sidelines is even higher than the fencing fight.

Colcisca said, "What you are saying and what you are doing with your students or athletes makes such a big impact in the results and in their performance."

From Sochi, Russia to Northwest Arkansas, Colcisca believes everyone will feel the impact of being at the winter games, even from behind the screen. Colcisca said, "From outside it's still very, very emotional."

For him, it will always be priceless. "That kind of level of feelings and emotions, they get higher and higher from one Olympics to the other," Colcisca said.

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