Animal Shelter Filled to the Max

By Christina Carilla |

Published 02/16 2014 07:33PM

Updated 02/16 2014 11:04PM

ROGERS, AR-- According to the United States Humane Society, there are approximately ten thousand humans born each day, compared to about 70,000 dogs and cats and shelters are struggling to keep doors open in Northwest Arkansas.

"Puppies are born in the spring and can reproduce in the fall so you can see how it gets out of hand in a hurry," Morgan said.

Cats and Dogs are cramped in close quarters across Northwest Arkansas, and the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers is trying to keep up with overcrowding.

"In about two months, we will be at max capacity," Morgan said.

Already housing about 80 animals, the shelter will need to start sending puppies to other places.

"We send animals to places where shelters are empty so we take dogs from our shelter and take them up there, but that's still not solving the problem," Morgan said.

Director, Clayton Morgan said most animal shelters in the area are funded locally. "The city tax dollars or the county tax dollars."

However, the cost of keeping up with the space is getting pricey.

"Budgets are being tightened, just because of lack of finances and things like that," Morgan said.

State law says animals must be spayed or neutered before being adopted out, but Morgan thinks there is one way to keep animals from filling in in the first place.

"mandatory spay and neuter... there is only one answer. Four or five years from now, they can have a shelter with ten dogs verses one now with 80 dogs in it," Morgan said.

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